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Lisbon tours

Lisbon tours

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Lisbon airport transfers

Lisbon airport transfers

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Useful Information


Emergency Numbers in Lisbon

National Emergency Number: 112

(it connects you to fire, police and ambulance services).

Portugal’s prefix: 00351

Police: 218 641 000 or 213 466 141

Airport: 218 413 500


Dona Estefânia Hospital: 213 126 600

Egas Moniz Hospital: 210 431 000, 210 432 418

Santa Maria Hospital: 217 805 333/444/555

São Francisco Xavier Hospital: 210 433 000, 210 431 010

São José Hospital: 218 841 000

São Luís Hospital: 213 0216 500

Ambulances: 808 20 10 68

Chemists: 800 20 21 34 / 35 / 36 / 13

Firefighters: 213 422 222 or 213 924 700

Portuguese Red Cross: 21 303 03 60 / 3

Lost & Found - Underground: 213 427 707


Weather Forecast


Lisbon Public Transport

Public transport operates from 6.30am until midnight (underground operates until 1am), for more information see here the schedules for the underground, buses and trains. But you can also take a taxi, which in Lisbon is not too expensive.

We recommend the purchase of a Lisboa Card which will allow you to travel by underground, bus and tram without limit, and also allows you to free entrance to many museums and monuments. Major stations have ticket offices, and most stations have machines that sell tickets. Bus and tram tickets are purchased from the driver.



There are no limits on foreign currency brought into Portugal, but visitors are advised to declare the amount carried. The euro is the European currency. The easiest and best way to get cash is from an ATM. Many banks impose a fee every time you use a card at another bank's ATM, and that fee can be higher for international transactions. ATM cards are plentiful in Portugal, even in small towns.



In Lisbon there are many public phone booths where you can use coins or specific cards that are for sale Portugal Telecom shops, in post offices, kiosks, and some newsagents and tobacconists. Telephone booths have international dialing codes listed. To call abroad from Portugal, dial 00, the country code and city, followed by the desired number.


Internet in Lisbon

Internet access is widely available in Lisbon, in almost all hotels, hostels, apartments, hostels.  It is very common for bars and cafes to offer free wifi. It will not be difficult to find a place with internet access.


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